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Every Computer Science user has a home directory on sakura.cs.brynmawr.edu that is used on all of the Unix (Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X) systems.


When you log in, the home directory is mounted at /home/$USER (where $USER is your username) and is the default path used by new terminal windows, new file manager windows, and most applications' Open and Save dialogs. Any files saved here will be available in the same place on any CS Unix system. It is recommended to store files in your CS home directory.

Environment settings

Because your home directory is shared among all CS computers, any changes to environment or application settings made on one machine will also apply to the others. "dotfiles" like .bashrc may be used across all systems, although many are not used on the Macs. When logging into a Mac for the first time, a standard set of Mac OS X folders including Library and Desktop will be created (most Mac settings are stored in files in ~/Library). If any changes to your settings do not take affect across all CS systems, please report it to the systems administrator.


The default quota for a CS home directory is 10 gigabytes. If you require more space, this quota can be raised.


CS home directories are backed up nightly. If you lose a file, a restore can be requested. If you require a file restore, please provide as much information as possible about the file (name, full path, last modify date) in your request. Backed up files are retained for 30 days, but may be available for longer if the tape space was not reclaimed by subsequent jobs. It is recommended to use extreme caution when deleting files.


Due to bugs in Apple's NFS client, CS home directories are not used on lab Macs. However, they are still accessible at /home_nfs/$USER ($USER is your username).


Windows systems are managed by IS and do not mount CS home directories. You can access your CS files by connecting to one of the CS interactive shell servers (gl.cs.brynmawr.edu or powerpuff.cs.brynmawr.edu) in WinSCP.


If you have any questions about your home directory, require more disk space, or require a file restore, please contact the systems administrator, Ian Johnson, at systems AT cs DOT brynmawr DOT edu, or visit him in Park 251.