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Some classes require submission of assignments from the shell using the submit script. Once an instructor has populated a submission directory, any student with a CS account can submit assignments to it.


The submit script is located at /usr/local/bin/submit. If /usr/local/bin is not in your PATH, you will need to add it, or run submit with the absolute path. To add /usr/local/bin to your PATH temporarily in bash (the default shell), run

$ export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin

To see the current PATH, run

$ echo $PATH

To set this permanently, open ~/.profile and add :/usr/local/bin to the end of the line beginning in PATH=.

For instructors - populate submission directories

Before students can submit projects, you will need to create the submission directory and set the permissions properly. The submit script can do this automatically for you.

$ submit -i -c $COURSE -p $PROJECTS

Here, $COURSE is the course number and $PROJECTS is the number of projects that will be assigned during the semester. For a class named CMSC246 with five projects, the initialization process will look like this.

$ submit -i -c 246 -p 5

CS Submission System Spring 2014
Initializing instructor directories for CMSC246

Checking directory structure and permissions...
/home/taro/submissions/spring2014/cmsc246/project5 created
/home/taro/submissions/spring2014/cmsc246/project4 created
/home/taro/submissions/spring2014/cmsc246/project3 created
/home/taro/submissions/spring2014/cmsc246/project2 created
/home/taro/submissions/spring2014/cmsc246/project1 created
/home/taro/submissions/spring2014/cmsc246/project1 set to 1733
/home/taro/submissions/spring2014/cmsc246/project2 set to 1733
/home/taro/submissions/spring2014/cmsc246/project3 set to 1733
/home/taro/submissions/spring2014/cmsc246/project4 set to 1733
/home/taro/submissions/spring2014/cmsc246/project5 set to 1733

Initialization complete!
You are now ready to accept project submissions from students.


As shown above, the script output will indicate where the submissions for each project can be found.

For students - submit an assignment

The submit script assumes that the work you wish to turn in exists in a directory, which it takes as an argument. The syntax for submission is

$ submit -c $COURSE -p $PROJECT -d $DIRECTORY

where $COURSE is the course number, $PROJECT is the number of project to submit, and $DIRECTORY is the name of the directory containing your work. A sample submission for Project 1 in a class named CMSC401 with the project files in "proj1" would look like this.

$ submit -c 401 -p 1 -d proj1

CS Submission System Spring 2014
Submitting Project 1 for CMSC401 with taro

Creating archive for submission...
a proj1/ 0K
a proj1/hoge 0K

Submitting archive...
Submission complete! Submission timestamp is 2014-01-29-14-33-54-EST.


Submission archive name and timestamp format

The project directory will be archived as a .tar.gz file containing your username, the project number, and the timestamp of the submission, and copied to the instructor's submission directory.

The timestamp format is year-month-day-hour-minute-seconds-timezone. Hyphens are used as time separators for compatibility with platforms like Mac OS X that do not allow colons in filenames.